CSJami Minicom details

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    Vendor: ´designed for PCs running Win´95, Win´98, Windows NT or Win´2000. The PCs made to be connected together via an Intranet ( LAN) or modem & use the TCP/IP or IPX/SPX protocols. Please note that Modem connections using TCP/IP require Win´98 or Win NT/ 2000 as the server PC. Minicom allows you to, monitor & control other PCs from your PC, manage local & remote Any file, configure Minirem & Minicom on other PCs & your own, shutdown your own & other PCs, text chat with the Chatboard to other PCs, exchange clipboard text with other PCs, synchronise your PC Time from another computer, voice chat with other PC users, AutoSchedule tasks on other PCs, E-Mail my IP address on the Internet, Audio Route Audio from or to another computer, Modem Connect Connect or disconnect a local or remote modem´From the web site: ´Easily steal control of remote PCs with Minicom over LAN, dial-up or Internet connections. Plus file manager & finder, auto-update, internet connect, clipboard exchange, phone, remote dial-up & application control, time synch, audio router. Password protected & optimised for easy use. TCP-IP & IPX enabled, 4,8, 16 bit color selection & faster response.

  • Alias

    Trojan Horse - named by Panda.

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