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    from the web site: Crime Catcher is software for your webcam that allows your computer to act as a security system. The webcam software will monitor for movement or motion. If motion is detected pictures will be taken of what the webcam can see! You can of course have other actions take place such as sounds playing, email notification, or launch any external program.Hide Crime Catcher completely from view! You can now set Crime Catcher to appear in the system tray, taskbar, both, or neither. It can also be completely hidden from view!Email notifications with attachments Set the software to email you images that the webcam has detected as movement.FTP images to an FTP server Upload images to an FTP server for later retrieval incase your PC is stolen.Webpage mode - image uploaded every x seconds Put your webcam online. Have an image uploaded every x seconds of what the webcam is seeing.On detection, start a program once/every x seconds When the webcam detects motion, you can have programs start once, many times.Remote surveillance - login to your webcam! This option allows you to remotely logint o your webcam and see live images in realtime of what the webcam can see. Great for remote surveillance and monitoring activity!Advanced motion detection;Motion Detection operates by every single pixel being monitored for change.Mask out areas which could cause false alarms; Simply paint out areas which you do not want to be included for motion detection. This might be a tree, a path, or a windowStores images in a compressed format JPG; The captured images or stored in a format which does not take up much room on your computer. This allows literally thousands of pictures to be stored if your webcam detects a lot of movement.Produce reports on captured images; Reports can be produced on captured images in HTML. This allows images to be displayed and printed out easily.Custom motion effects; Crime Catcher can test for movement to allow you tune the settings to ensure movement detection is sensitive enough / too sensitive. This mode will display what parts of the images it has detected as movement. You can alter the motion to display all white for example.Overlay text onto captured images; Overlay a caption / date and time onto the webcam image.Write images to an AVI movie file; Write images to an AVI file','Easily use the webcam software to combine captured images into a small movie!Play sounds when motion is detected; Play sounds when motion is detected','When the software detects motion, you can have a dog bark or another sound play to warn/welcome your intruder/guest!Launch any program when motion is detected; Have any program run when motion is detected. This could be a cd player, image, game, word document, anything you can think of!Password capture so it can not be stopped; This feature makes it more difficult for an intruder to stop images being taken of them by requireing a password be entered to stop the surveillance.Fully configurable and very easy to use! Take a look on the right! One click and your area is being watched for activity. Crime Catcher truly is a simple but powerful security webcam system!

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