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    From the documentation:1. Enter the victim's windows directory, now search for the directory "Desktop" enter her and try to find a pattern of *.dun, when you will find this file, download him and goto the CrazzyNet directory, now take this file and copy him to your windowsdesktop directory. if you have already a file with a same name, don't overwrite it! just change the name of the *.dun file to what you want. now check your desktop for the filename, click him with your mouse button and voila... you can see the victim's Connection Settings! including the Phone number and some other stuff, if you want too, you can check the file with a text viewer (like notepad), you will see a lot of other information about the file.... have fun...2. This hint is related to the first one. you can steal the victim's passwords by pressing the "Steal Internet Connection And MAPI Passwords" button in the second menu of CrazzyNet, you will get a list in the combo box of the victim's catched passwords. Now you can see the victim's passwords, that means that you can copy the passwords into the matching *.dun file! 3. If you want to edit files, just download them, edit them and upload them back. if you want to add a line or something like that, click on the "Add Line" button in the file manager.4. If you want to edit the victim's favorite sites, just enter his windows directory and then enter the favorites directory. Then you can delete any favorite file that you want. if you want to create a favorite, just make a file with a text writer (like notepad) and enter this text in the file:[InternetShortcut]URL=[the name of the site]now save the file as something.url , upload the file into the victim's windowsfavorites directory.all done!

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