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    from the doc: '****News****Welcome to CRAT PRO v1.1.This version contains a completely reprogrammed server.exe for CRAT that is now undetectable to AntiViruses. ****CRAT FEATURES EXPLANATIONS:**** Connected Server Options - options to restart/close/or even remove the server completely from the connected computer.Victim Information - this allows you to get a bunch of juicy information on the remote computer. (Not passwords, for passwords go to List Passwords) List Passwords - Need I say more? For the true idiots out there: IT LISTS ALL SAVED PASSWORDS ON THE CONNECTED COMPUTER!!!!DUN Manager - Dial Up Networking Manager. Basically manage all the internet connections the connected computer has. Windows Boot Manager - shutdown/log off/reboot/force shutdown/lock up windows.Shutdown is a normal shutdown procedure. Log off just logs them off the current username. Reboot retarts the computer. Force Shutdown makes sure the computer does shutown.And lock up basically freezes windows using a special never ending loop that NEVER ends. (It basically tells the computer to count to infinitiy with each number taking up 2 bytes of memory, so eventually windows will have no memory left :) )KeyLogger - log all keystrokes that are done while you are connected.Grabs them in REAL TIME. Real time means when the user types a letter, it is IMMEDIATLY shown on your screen. New to PRO version is offline keylogging. All keystrokes are logged, even when they are offline to a file in a secret folder. See client.exe for how to retrieve the offline log. Fun - A bunch of semi-useful fun options like open cd rom and hide the desktop and stuff. More Fun - some more semi-useful fun options such as disable all of the keyboard.File Manager - browse/download/upload/delete/rename/run/delete all/ any files or folders on the remote computer. Supports downloading from the cd drive as well as the floppy drive.Find Files - this feature allows you to look for any kind of file that you want. Also uses wildcards like *.jpg will search for anything with the extension of .jpg. Very handy.Message Box Creator - this allows you to create your own message boxes on the remote computer.Clipboard Manager - this allows you to control their clipboard. Their clipboard is the copy and paste functions. Date and Time Manager - this allows you to take control of the Windows Clock. Running Programs Manager - this allows you to view all currently running programs on the remote computer. And allows you FULL control over them.Mouse Manager - have full control over ALL of the remote computers mouse. Printer Manager - this allows you to send text to print if their printer is on. Print to Screen - this allows you to display a message on their computer that OVERWRITES any currently active window. It cannot be removed from their screen without dragging a screen to overwrite the message. Chat with User - allows you to open a chat with the remote computer user. Has the option to take up all of their screen or as much of a percentage as you want. Monitor Manager - this allows you to set different colors and resolutions for their monitor. BIOS Chip - This allows you to clear all the CMOS BIOS remotely. WARNING: THIS DOES RISK COMPLETELY FRYING THE CHIP! So as you can see above, CRAT has many useful features that were all tested thoroughly with people all over the world. I thank all those who have contacted me praising/criticizing/point out errors to me. I really appreciate it. ****INPECT.exe****This is a wonderful program that was NOT programmed by me. What inpect does is it can bind two .exe's together to form one. And it has advanced features such as scrambling the server.exe and THEN putting it into the normal .exe file. Anyway, to use it you open inpect.exe and then there are going to be two boxes you have to fill out by clicking the corresponding button to display an open dialog box. One is the victim and the other is the Trojan. Under victim you open the 'NORMAL' program you want to bind server.exe to. And under trojan you open server.exe. (Tip: By using the word open i mean to click the button with the three dots inside inpect's interface) Once you have done that, you click on "InpEct" and it will form a new folder named output and inside will be the .exe file that is binded and fully read to distribute stealthly. ****KNOWN ISSUES****- On some brands of Monitors, the Turn off monitor and Turn On monitor features in CRAT PRO do the opposite. Why this happens I have no clue. So, deal with it. - On Windows 95 computers, the Printer Manager cannot print properly when connected to a Cannon Bubblejet Printer. I really am stumped on this one guys. I guess it's one of those weird windows driver problems, and I do not have the energy to track down and fix. So again, deal with it.- And yes I know i'm lazy. But hey, this program is freeware, I don't have to kill myself for nothing. =) Now, if one of you all were to want to donate to the ... uh.... Cyrus Foundation, then that's a different story. =P ****CREDITS*****Programming: CyrusHelp: CyrusBeta Testing: Yank, Nullroot, K^O^T^C, AtnNn, T-iceCyrus'

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    Backdoor.Cratpro.11Backdoor.Cratpro.11 [Kaspersky]BackDoor-WS [McAfee]destructive program [F-Prot]MultiDropper.cfg [McAfee]security risk or a "backdoor" program [F-Prot]TrojanDropper.Win32.InpectTrojanDropper.Win32.Inpect [Kaspersky]

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