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    from the doc: 'Connect4 v1.0 BETA 1 by Ritual33 [FINAL EVER RELEASE]-----------------------------------------------------The reason for the delay in the package is due to a number of things, first of all, i thought I would be able to finish it by last week, but of coarse... I didn't :P Secondly, which is also why this is the last ever version on Connect4, is because last night, somebody broke into my system (havn't a clue how) and deleted about 10percent of my HDD including the Connect4 source code :( This package is just what I could collect up after I was attacked. I managed to recover a 2 week old client, and about a 1 week old server, sorry about that :( I tried recovering the data with a special program, but that didn't seem to work either :P Anyways, have fun, and remember to read the help files in Help/.Cya,Ritual3308/08/01P.S, I wont be on the net ever again, after these too days to come :(P.P.S, Whoever it was who hacked my pc, thanx alot dude, you weisted about 6 months of my work!... How lame.Connect4 Script/Console Commands--------------------------------HELP - Displays this help fileIF - If statementPAUSE - Sleeps for the specified amountEXIT - Exits the programSETVARIABLE - Sets the specified variableGETVARIABLE - Gets the specified variableEXECUTESCRIPT - Executes a scriptCONSOLEMSG - Shows a console messageCLEAR - Clears the consoleVERSION - Displays the client versionCONNECT - Connects to a remote hostDISCONNECT - Disconnects from the remote host RECONNECT - Reconnects to remote hostPLAYSOUND - Plays a soundSHOWWINDOW - Shows the specified windowSEND [ ...] - Sends data to the serverRECEIVE [ ...] - Emulates receiving data from the serverPINGSERVER - Pings the remote hostMESSAGEBOX - Shows a message boxINFOBOX - Shows an information boxCONFIRMBOX - Shows a confirmation boxWARNINGBOX - Shows a warning boxERRORBOX - Shows an error boxEDITBOX - Shows an edit boxCALLDLLMETHOD - Calls a procedure from a dll fileConnect4 Developers Guide-------------------------This file should guide you through understanding, and learning how to make scripts for Connect4, it's pretty simple, but I thought I should add it just in case :)1. The Script Layout2. Writting Your First Script3. Commenting Your Scripts4. Commands You Can Use5. Variables You Can Use6. Writting Your First Tree Script7. End1. The Script Layout--------------------Connect4 scripts have the extension .c4s and can be run by typing in the console "ExecuteScript ". Allways remember to keep to the rules of making a script... this is what an empty script looks like...;Script Test;EndHeh... pretty much a blank page huh? Just remember that the ;Script and ;End ALLWAYS beginswith a ";" (semi-colon) symbol, other wise, the script wont run!2. Writting Your First Script-----------------------------Writing Connect4 scripts is VERY easy, it doesn't take long to learn,and requires practicly no knowledge of coding scripts.This is what a VERY basic script looks likes...;Script Testif EditBox "Test" "What is your name?"MessageBox "Hello $Edit, Welcome to Connect4!";endWhat that script does, is displays an input box telling the user to enter his/her name,when the user clicks "ok", it displays a greeting "Hello ,Welcome to Connect4!". You probably noticed that the $Edit variable displays the last entered string in an input box,I will explain all the other variables later in the guide.3. Commenting Your Scripts--------------------------Okay, you now know how the layout of a script works,but it's a good idea to "Comment" your scripts, this means,making notes to tell you or the person reading your script each part does. You use the "#" (hash) symbol before ANY comment you write,this is that Connect4 knows to ignore that line. This is what the script looks like with comments in...;Script Testif EditBox "Test" "What is your name?"MessageBox "Hello $Edit, Welcome to Connect4!";endEasier to understand?... Good!...5. Variables You Can Use------------------------$version - Connect4 version$remoteip - Remote computers IP address$localip - Local computers IP address$uptime - How long your computer has been running$connecttime - How long you have been connected$time/date - Current time and date$maincaption - Main windows caption$handle - Your handle$edit - The last text entered in an edit boxYou can "set" variables by using "SetVariable.Of coarse you can't set the variables $version, $remoteip, $localip, $uptime,$connecttime and $time/date, but you can set the others.... 7. End------Well, I hope by now you know how to make and understand the Connect4 scriptsand you also know how to use the console (you can type any procedure into the console you want)... ok, for now, cya later!Ritual3308/08/01 Alias Backdoor.Connect4.10, Category RAT:A Remote Administration Tool, or RAT, is a Trojan that when run, provides an attacker with the capability of remotely controlling a machine via a ""client"" in the attacker's machine, and a ""server"" in the victim's machine. Examples include Back Orifice, NetBus, SubSeven, and Hack'a'tack. What happens when a server is installed in a victim's machine depends on the capabilities of the trojan, the interests of the attacker, and whether or not control of the server is ever gained by another attacker -- who might have entirely different interests. Infections by remote administration Trojans on Windows machines are becoming as frequent as viruses. One common vector is through File and Print Sharing, when home users inadvertently open up their system to the rest of the world. If an attacker has access to the hard-drive, he/she can place the trojan in the startup folder. This will run the trojan the next time the user logs in. Another common vector is when the attacker simply e-mails the trojan to the user along with a social engineering hack that convinces the user to run it against their better judgment. Origins Author Ritual33 Others By This Author Connect4 1.0 b 1 · Date of Origin May, 2005 Restart HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun Screenshot Connect4 1.0 beta 1 Detection and Removal Manual Removal Follow these steps to remove Connect4 1.0 beta 1 from your machine. Begin by backing up your registry and your system, and/or setting a Restore Point, to prevent trouble if you make a mistake. Research More Info AllTheWeb AltaVista AOL Search Ask Jeeves Google HotBot Lycos LookSmart MSN Yahoo! 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