Connect4 1_0 b 1 details

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    From the doc: 'The reason for the delay in the package is due to a number of things, first of all, i thought I would be able to finish it by last week, but of coarse... I didn't :P Secondly, which is also why this is the last ever version on Connect4, is becuase last night, somebody broke into my system (havn't a clue how) and deleted about 10percent of my HDD including the Connect4 source code :( This package is just what I could colect up after I was attacked. I managed to recover a 2 week old client, and about a 1 week old server, sorry about that :( I tried recovering the data with a special program, but that didn't seem to work either :P. P.S, I wont be on the net ever again, after these too days to come :( P.P.S, Whoever it was who hacked my pc, thanx alot dude, you waisted about 6 months of my work!... How lame.'

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    Backdoor Program [Panda]Backdoor.Connect4.10 [Kaspersky]Backdoor/Connect4.10 [Computer Associates]BackDoor-ZP [McAfee]security risk or a "backdoor" program [F-Prot]

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