Cold Fusion Beta 1 details

  • Description

    Hotmail Account Freezer. Pretty easy to use. Just type in the email of the account to freeze e.g. Then hit Freeze Account. The button text should then say Freezing... & after a minute or so it should change to LOCKED. When it says LOCKED that email will not be able to access their email, sign in, go on, or use anything related to that email. Sometimes this may not work because msn is constantly changing their servers but 90percent of the time, it´ll. MSN Messenger Unblockable/Illegal Nickname Changer: This is fairly simple too. Enter in your email, YOUR PASSWORD, & the nickname you´d like to have on Msn Messenger. This does not take your password in anyway. Your nickname can have ´illegal´ words like f*ck, shit, MSN, asshole etc. & if you keep the ´Become Unblockable´ checkmark ´checked´, no one´ll be able to block you. If they try to you´ll be shown as offline to them but will still be able to talk back & forth to each other. If you want everything back to normal, simply log out, then back in. Every once in awile there a few problems with this but hey, wada ya expect =D

  • Alias

    Trojan Horse.LC - named by Panda.Trojan.Win32.ColdFusion - named by Kaspersky.Win32/ColdFusion!Trojan - named by Computer Associates

  • Exe

    cold fusion.exe