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    from the doc: ' Mail Bomber- ------------ Ok, self explanitory. Log onto compuserve and do not enter a forum. Make sure no other windows are open (i.e. what's new, or favorite places), enter in the information, and away you go. Remember that if you send more than 100 messages, they will start getting sent back to you, and you'll end up bombing youself! Message Bomber- --------------- Has a Wizop ever pissed the hell out of you? Did the Sysop just kick you out of the forum? Well, this is the tool of choice. Make sure you are in the forum you want to bomb in, and when it asks what forum you are in, enter in the caption bar on WinCIM (i.e. If I was in the RPGamers Forum, I would enter in "WinCIM - Role Playing Games Forum"). Then, before you bomb, make sure that no windows are open (tracking windows is alright). You might want to turn your nickname to "xxxxxx [BUSY]", or someone might chat with you while you are bombing, and it will get messed up. Seriously, though, people, this can do some serious crap, so do not use this unless absolutely important, ok? Its not a toy for the lamers of the world. ASCII Talker- -------------- Thrown in for kicks, this will let you quickly type in a message and have it turn into high ASCII letters, and will copy it to the clipboard. Note: due to how I am managing this, delete key does not work. You'll live :) CO Scroller- ------------- As it says, it will scroll text in a CO room with whatever five lines you want to say, for however many times you want it to. Just make sure you are in the fourm (same rules for enter in title bar caption as above), and that the only window open is the CO room window. Then, hit scroll and it'll kick in (great for formal CO's :). ASCII Art- ---------- This little screen lets you enter in four different ASCII pics, save em for later, load, whatever. You can use it to enter in ansi art into CO's or chats, or whatever else. Works like the CO scroller (i.e. make sure the window that you want to send it into has the focus). Macros- -------- Basically the same as above, but more focused towards frequent sayings. Works same as the ASCII art. Well, that's it for now. Have fun!'

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