CiGiCiGi ViP details

  • Description

    From the doc: 'a trojan like Gip to steal passwords.And it has many features like; stealing icq.ysm, miranda, rillian, aim, msn, ras and cached passwords.Now any of anti- virus programs can't find it.If they find it i will add some changes and it will be undedectable.CiGiCiGi ViP sends mails without a smtp server,so you don't need to find open relay smtp servers.I must say that this trojan doesn't send passwords to me like others. I think must of you,used trojans like sub7,Netbus and SchoolBus.I think the aim of using theese programs were stealing passwords.But there were harmful functions in them and the victim can be dameged because of them.There is no harmful functions in CiGiCiGi ViP,it doesn't damage the victim directly.It only sends his/her passwords.'

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  • Exe

    binder.execompressor.exeeditor.exeicon hunter.exeremover.exeserver.exe

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