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    Functions (from the doc):Remote Functions Get Server Path- Gets the location from which the server is running from. HD Letter- Gets the Hard Drive letter. Computer Owner- Gets the name of the computer owner. System Directory- Gets the system directory. Current ICQ #- Gets the ICQ # being used Computer Name- Gets the name of the computer (shown when someone pings you) Visible Windows- Gets the windows that can be seen (in other words you can't see hidden ones) Local Time- Gets the time on the persons computer. Registered Organization- Gets the organization the computer is registered to. Windows Directory- Gets the windows directory. À Shit Logoff- Logs the user off the computer. Close Windows- Closes Windows Shutdown- Shuts down Windows Reboot- Restarts the computer Close Server- Closes the server so no more conenctions can be made but can still be used after the person restarts. Start/Stop KrAaZy Mouse- Starts/Stops the mouse jumping all over the fucking place. Hide/Show Taskbar- Hides/Shows the taskbar Fuck It Over- Fucks up the computer and they will most likely need to format to save it. Win 3.1- When the person restarts their computer will start up with the look of Win 3.1 Format- Format the damn hard drive Start Screensaver- What the fuck do you think? It starts the screensaver. Disable/Enable Ctrl Alt Del- Enable/Disables control alt delete. À Requires Extra Shit (make sure to type in the Extra Shit box for these) Send Message- Opens a message box on the persons computer with whatever message you specify. Delete File- Deletes a file you choose Set Registered Organization- Sets the reg. org to whatever you choose Set Computer Name- Sets comp. name to what you choose. Start up Message- When the person starts their computer they will receive a message that you type in. Set IE Caption- Change the Microsoft Internet Explorer caption to anything you choose. Set Computer Owner- Sets comp owner como quieras Send to URL- Sends them to the URL you specify. (If you need any of these to explain what each function does then that's just sad. Almost all of them are self explanatory.) Local Functions Enable Multi ICQ- Allows you to run more then one ICQ at a time. Disable Multi ICQ- DIS-allows you to run more then one Enable Oob Patch- Patches a bug in the registry that is exploited for nukings. Change Comp. Owner- Change who the owner of the comp. is Change Comp Name- Change the comp. name (what is show when you are pinged) Change Last ICQ Owner- Used so when you start ICQ it doesn't open on someone elses ICQ # Change Reg. Org.- Change the registered organization on your computer Change IE Caption- Change the Microsoft Internet Explorer at the top of IE to what you choose.

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    Backdoor.ChupaBackdoor.Chupa [Kaspersky]Backdoor.Win32.Chupa [Kaspersky]Backdoor/Chupa [Computer Associates]Backdoor/Chupa!Client [Computer Associates]BackDoor-CQ [McAfee]Bck/Chupacabra [Panda]security risk or a "backdoor" program [F-Prot]Win32.

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