Catch Cheat Spy 1_4 details

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    Read e-mail that is sent and received by the computer you will be monitoring. You can even read the e-mail the was sent & received before you started using our product. (Regardless of the provider) Remote connection ability, all you have to do is send a small undectable file to another computer and you can monitor every activity of the computer you sent the file to. Our you can simply place our tiny file on a computer you share with someone and you will be able to record all computer activity when you are away. Our software is the only product that allows you to monitor a PC 3,000 miles away, or monitor a PC you share in your on home or office. Watch chat conversations as they happen in real-time on your computer, or record them and come back and watch them later! See websites that are visited by the computer you are monitoring Watch instant message conversation that happen on all of the major instant message programs. View hard drive contents on their computer and access them from any PC, see anything stored on the hard drive, including pictures, address book, etc. You can then download any files from their hard drive. Password Finder that can be used to find out passwords for web based services such as hotmail. Physical Access is not Needed to the computer. Attacker can send e-mail a tiny file to the computer, then connect to the computer via the e-mail address and start to monitor the subjects internet activity. The file looks like a regular e-mail.