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    From the doc: '1. Why CAFEiNi is better than other backdoors (like NetBus): -can kill more than 30 Windows antiviruses and antibackdoors from memory -automatic update of server by http -doesn't install itself into registry (when can or install under random name) -written in Visual C++ (smaller and faster than Delphi) -you can control remote computer by telnet (eg. from Unix) -works on Windows 95/98/ME and also Windows NT/2000 -with CAFEiNiclient you can control multiple computers (eg. open CD-ROM doors on 10 computers with one button click) -full multitasking (eg. you can upload and download files in one time from multiple computers) -some new backdoors commands (especially with desktop) -client is very easy to use, like old good Netbus 1.x -includes configurator for server (edit server)'CAFEiNi 1.0: CAFEiNi server:-you can change settings for CAFEiNi server before install (by "CAFEiNi configurator")-new option: UNINSTALL - completly removes CAFEiNi server from system-new option: CURSORCIRCLE - cursor makes circles with specified size-new option: NOPASSWORD - removes password for access to server-new option: SETPRIORITY - changes process priority-new version of commands MONITOR ON,MONITOR OFF,ANNOYMONITOR (thanx to Ohmen)-addition: command INFO detects also CPU speed in MHz (thanx to Ohmen)-more information about victim (modem, keyboard)-kills new antibackdoors: Trojan B' Gone, Protector2K, BackWork, Tauscan, AntiTrojan-you can choose between english and polish language (commands ENG and PL)-automatic detect of language-command MAIL didn't work with some SMTP servers, fixed-detects Windows Millennium Edition-some bugs removedCAFEiNi client:-new option: Mouse manager/Make circles - cursor makes circles with specified size-new option: Process manager/Change priority -addition: Info manager shows also CPU speed in MHz (thanx to Ohmen)-more information about victim (modem, keyboard)-you can choose between english and polish language (in Config manager)-automatic detect of language-some bugs removedCAFEiNi configurator:-first public releaseVERSION 1.1 (06.09.2000)CAFEiNi server:-new commands for chat with servers user: CHATSAY, CHATEND -new commands for system access policy: DISPLAYAPPEARANCEPAGE, DISPLAYBACKGROUNDPAGE, DISPLAYPROPERTIES, DISPLAYSAVERPAGE, DISPLAYSETTINGSPAGE, DOSPROMPT, NETWORKPROPERTIES, PASSWORDPROPERTIES, REGISTRYTOOLS, STARTMENUFIND, STARTMENURUN, STARTMENUSETTINGS, SYSTEMCONFIGPAGE, SYSTEMDEVICEPAGE-new command: HANGUP - disconnects all active modem connections-new command: STARTPAGE - changes Explorers and Navigators start page to URL-new command: RECYCLEBINNAME - changes Recycle Bins name (on desktop)-new command: OPENMAILER - opens default mail program with receivers email and subject-more information about victim (DirectX version, Internet Explorer version, UIN)-command INFO ("installed on host:") tries show now full DNS (with domain)-eliminated troubles when server installs self under "rundll32.exe"CAFEiNi client:-new manager: Chat window - chat with servers user (he can't end chat)-new manager: Policy editor - manager for system access policy-new commands: Fun manager/Dialog editor-new commands: Fun manager/Get start page, Fun Manager/Set start page-new commands: Fun manager/Get Recycle bins name, Fun Manager/Set Recycle bins name-Fun Manager/Open mail program can specify receivers email -more information about victim (DirectX version, Internet Explorer version, UIN)-Info manager/"installed on host" tries show now full DNS (with domain)CAFEiNi configurator:-not changed

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