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    from the doc: "Brute Force Dictionary Maker 1.0 By: icanbe can_i_be[at] -=Made in Maldives=- Introduction Brute Force Dictionary Maker is any easy to use tool which can generate brute force dictionary files. The files generated by Brute Force Dictionary Maker is suitable for inputs files for programs like NAT (NetBIOS Auditing Tool), UnSecure and even for Hotmail Password Cracker (version 2.0). How to use It is very easy to use this tool. Just enter the characters you want to include in the dictionary file and the length of the words to be created (remember to enter only numbers for the length field). Finally start the process! Simple, isnt it? Source Code I used Microsoft Visual Basic 6 to program this small tool. It was very easy and took about an hour to finish the whole work. So if anyone is interested in the source code just drop me a mail. Please dont add me on your messenger contact list just because you saw my email address (still, even if you do, i wont mind), but if you want to discuss something important you are welcome to add me or mail me any time. Taa taa for now. see you all around somewhere! Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock..."

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    Created By: can_i_be[at]

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    brute force dictionary maker.exe