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    From the doc: 'Control a remote PC from a web browser using https *Allows you to perform simple control of a remote PC. *There is nothing to install on the controlling PC. *Used via a standard web browser. eg Internet Explorer. Does not use applets or activeX. *Secure logon using cookie based session management. *Uses the Jetty Java HTTP Server. Start up BrowserTunnel on the computer you want to remote control. The BrowserTunnel program window shows the URL that you should type into a browser. (see below) NOTE:You should disable screen savers/screen locking on your computer. From the other computer, start up Internet Explorer. In the address part of the browser, type the address as mentioned above (eg http:// etc) This will bring up a page that asks for a password. The default password is crunchy. Enter the password, press enter, and a new page will come up showing an image of the remote desktop. If you left click on the image, that will cause a left click to occur at the same spot on the remote computer. You can also press keys, which will result in the same key being pressed on the remote computer. There you go, that's basically it.''Someone actually has to start the program on the PC being controlled. The PC being controlled has a icon in their taskbar. There is nothing stealth about it. Its not a service and is not in the startup.'