BoySoft ICQ Rescue 3_0 details

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    from the doc: 'BoySoft ICQ Rescue is a small and simple application, that's really easy to use. It creates a back up of your ICQ Contact List, which means that if you have to reinstall you can easily retore your Contact List. You can of course do this manually, but if you don't know which files you should back up, this little application does the job for you. Very simpel to use. Works with Windows 95/98. 14. september 1998: Added back up for ICQ Bookmarks as well. 2. october 1998. Version 2.0 released. This version supports backing up on any drive (lastdrive=N) and includes a help section. 7. december 1998. Version 3.0 released. This version finds the ICQ folder itself, corrects a few minor bugs, supports back up of your UIN(s), and lets the user choose between back up of ICQ98a or ICQ99a. If you've used v3.0 to back up before, it remembers where you the last time saved your back up. ICQ Rescue v3.0 is backwards compatible with any version of ICQ Rescue. BoySoft ICQ Rescue can be placed on your HD drive as you want. All you have to do is make a shortcut to it on your desktop.'

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