BOred The Windows Dumb-Terminal Plugin details

  • Description

    from the doc:This DLL (with source code) is a plugin for Back Orifice 2000. It is my first dive into the BO2K SDK. At present, the functionality is VERY limited and will be enhanced in the future. The concept behind this plugin is to turn the BO2K computer into not much more than a dumb terminal. It hides the taskbar and the start menu, preventing users from launching or switching between programs using those methods. The desktop is still present, and the user can navigate "My Computer" to locate and run programs.The plugin is caled BOred, partly because I was bored, had some extra time, and sat down to write this thing. In addition to this, you can imagine being an end user on a Windows dumb terminal--not able to run very many programs--you would be pretty bored.

  • Alias

    Backdoor.BO2K.plugin.Bored [Kaspersky]Win32.BO2K.plugin [Computer Associates]Win32/BO2K.Plugin.Bored trojan [Eset]

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