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    from the doc: 'This program is written in visual basic 6.0. So your vic do need vb6 run time. But no winsock component.1. What this program do ?. I dont think there is any need to tell you guyz what this program does. Just use it carefully.2. Things to remember. Never ever change the name of the server i.e "downloader.exe" before editing it and not even after editing it. On this some of the freaks out there might be saying this program is then is not worth to use. But actually it is. I am here taking it for granted that you guyz will use your damn brains and will not send this downloader as it is. You will bind it with Upx or Yab , right? Smart guyz. 3. How to send ?. Now dont ask me how to send. I think you are smart enough to send it . Send it as love letter to your g.f or send it as crack of a game to your friend, send it as patch of some worm to admin of some website.Now thats pretty cool , isnt it? Ok Now this is just the first version of this program. I want the opinions of you guyz. Still have questions about this program, post on forums, post it there. I will try to insist you there. Also I will compile it with visualbasic 5.0 so there will be no need for vb6 runtime files.Disclamer:- I take no responsibility whatsoever you guyz do with this program.I am not responsible for anybodyz malicious actions. This program is educational purposes only.Use it at your own risk.AS I am getting bunch of emails to send them the source code of this program. The good news is that it will be available soon in the source code section of illmob website.So keep looking for it.

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    Trojan Horse [Panda]TrojanDownloader.Win32.VB.mTrojanDownloader.Win32.VB.m [Kaspersky]TrojanDownloader.Win32.VB.nWildThing_downloaderWin32/TrojanDownloader.VB.M trojan [Eset]

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