Big Brother details

  • Description

    from the doc: 'Supervise dozens of windows machines simultaneously in one window (up to 500) Configurable thumbnail size Configurable color depth Configurable refresh time Scalable distributed architecture limited only by the bandwidth and throughput of the supervisor Easy-to-read full-size user screens Unlimited group selections with unlimited members, and members in more than one group Bandwidth utilization only on request and fully configurable Stealth client modes from obvious to virtually undetectable Simple double-click functionality Lock student's keyboard and mouse Remotely control student's computer Group computers for easy viewing Basic and NT-Based security List and kill client processes "Rogue List" of machines not available to watch Simple local and remote installation'

  • Alias

    Application/Bigbro.A [Panda]BigBrother [McAfee]BigBrother RemoteViewer

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