BestCrypt Bruteforcer details

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    from the doc: 'This is a bruteforcer for virtual disks created by BestCrypt. Uses a premade dictionary and can process Hidden containers. USAGE: Copy whole BestCrypt directory to somewhere else. Now replace original kgsha.dll with the one provided in this archive. Load BestCrypt and try to open a virtual disk (container). In the new window state the path to your wordlist, choose Container type and press Start button.Some notes: + Words allowed in dictionary should not be shorter than 8 symbols. + Bruteforce speed is 900 words/s on a PIII-733 machine. + If you choose to find a password - do so, but don't try to do any other operations with containers because BestCrypt WILL swear, crash and do many other nasty things. + If you want a ready made wordlist, then go here:

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