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    You can use 'Add/Remove Programs' for 'B3d Projector'. It does leaves a lot of files behind, though, and an unholy mess in the registry. It is perhaps possible that a site could re-install BDE using some of the leftover stubs. You will want to delete the directory 'BDE' inside your Windows directory, and the files 'bdeinstall.exe', 'bdeinsta2.dll', 'bdefdi.dll', 'bdedata2.dll', 'bdedownloader.dll', 'bdeverify.dll', 'bdesecureinstall.exe' and '' inside your System directory (which is 'WINDOWS\SYSTEM' under Windows 95/98/Me, and 'WINNT\System32' under Windows NT/2000/XP). Next, run regedit and remove the 'b3dUpdate' value from key 'Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\' in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. You can also remove 'Software\ZUpdate', and in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT the keys: 'b3d', 'b3ds', 's3d_auto_file', 'b3dini_auto_file', 'BDEPLAYER.BDEPlayerCtrl[.1]', 'BDESmartInstaller.BDESmartInstallerCtrl[.1]', '.b3dini'.