Basic CD Tray Opener details

  • Description

    from the doc: Execute it on a system and it will open the CD trsy every 25 minutes wether you are on or offline. If you want it to start up when the computer starts put a startup entry in the registry else it will only keep running until you turn the computer off. Simply upload to a vic to a folder then execute. This is a shit release i know, so dont tell me, it took me 5 minutes as i wanted to annoy someone while they were offline, i added an entry to their registry manually with the trojan installed on their system as i couldnt be fuked coding the auto add entry into it.

  • Alias

    Trojan Horse [Panda]Trojan.Win32.VB.ddTrojan.Win32.VB.dd [Kaspersky]Win32/Ceedo!Trojan [Computer Associates]Win32/VB.DD trojan [Eset]