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    from the doc: ' Barrio trojan - a program to get different passwords from other machine. Barrio trojan will send reports to your E-Mail each time person connects to internet.What you can find in reports:- Dial-Up password- Cached resourses- Crypted passwords from E-Type Dialer- Everything that was pressed in some windows (Login request e.t.s.)To configure trojan you should run "btrcfg.exe". You need to type your E-Mail address and a SMPT server (can be found on you e-mail`s provider web-site).Whats new in Version 3.05:- Now it is possible to change icon of configured trojan file- Configurator supports updates (you can simply download small zip fileto update your trojan) and has smaller size- Some bugs fixed- Some changes in trojan`s engine- Configured trojan has smaller size (40percent of old one)Version 3.10- Different file structure: AVP failed !- Protection of E-Mail and SMTP (now encrypted)- New window titles to hook keys from- Configurator v. 2.1 neededMain possibilities of Barrio Trojan 5.0:Reception of information on- remote access connections (name, login, password, telephone number , status)- cached resources- decoded EType Dialer passwords (utility for decoding EType dialer crypted passwords for earlier versions of Barrio Trojan support is included)- ICQ UINs- keys pressed in specifieded windowsPossibility of sending reports to any e-mail addressesPossibility of attaching any files to reportsPossibility of joining configured BTR with files of any typesSuitable configuring using templates

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    Barrio TrojanTrojan.PSW.Barrio.305Trojan.PSW.Barrio.306Trojan.PSW.Barrio.310Trojan.PSW.Barrio.50

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