Backstabb Lite details

  • Description

    From the doc: 'How To Use:: 1. Rename 'Server' (OPTIONAL) 2. Send it to your victim 3. Find their IP Address and type it in the IP box 4. Press 'Connect' to connect to the IP Address 5. If connected, status bar will say you're connected 6. Have fun :)'

  • Alias

    Backdoor.BackstabbBackdoor.Backstabb [Kaspersky]Backdoor/Backstabb [Computer Associates]Backdoor/Backstabb.10 [Computer Associates]Bck/Backstabb [Panda]Generic BackDoor.b [McAfee]security risk or a "backdoor" program [F-Prot]Win32.Backstabb.10 [

  • Exe

    backstabb lite.exeserver.exe