Back Streets 1_5 details

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    From the doc: 'Back streets v.1.5-How to useRename the file back-streets.exe to something your victim likes for example Hacking Tool.exe then send it to them over msn messenger When you send it say did you like the program and they will say no nothing happens it cant open although this is a fake Back-streets is still running on their machine once they say that then you must type then press enter any of the following commands as followed in the IM window with the victim or use the client which came with this!(recommend doing a scan first) -Commandsscan = This will tell you if the victim is infected online = changes victims status to onlineoffline = changes victims status to offlinebusy = changes victims status to busyaway = changes victims status to awaybrb = changes victims status to be right backsignout = signs victim out of msnsetnick = changes victims nick to 'I got owned'insult = this will send a mass insulting all victims contactsabout = this will tell the victim what is going onerror = This will tell the victim there is a serious errormsnmessiah = This will open the default web browser to getip = This will send the victims ip to yougethost = This will send the victims host name to yougetport = Get the victims local portnamebomb = This will Pops up the victims nick security = changes victims security message to some rude wordsopen cd = This will open the victims cd driveclose cd = This will close the victims cd drive blackout = Makes the victims screen fully blackunblackout = Makes the victims screen normal againsicken = this will make an unclosable festy pic appearunsicken = This gets rid of the festy pichide mouse = This will hide the victims mouse pointershow mouse = This will show the victims mouse pointer-ImportantTo turn the Server off type end-NotesThis version is a bit buggy with all the new features. Any bugs can be reported to me!-CopyrightCoded by Luke (c)2002

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    archive: Embedded EXE [Kaspersky]Backdoor.BackStreets [Kaspersky]destructive program [F-Prot]MultiDropper [McAfee]TrojanDropper.Win32.Joiner.kTrojanDropper.Win32.Joiner.k [Kaspersky]Win32.TheJoiner.15x.C [Computer Associates]Win32/BackStreets.10 trojan [E

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    back streets(client).exeback-streets.exeWindows emp#01.exeWindows emp$01.exe