Back Orifice FTP Plugin details

  • Description

    from the doc: BOFTP is an FTP addon for the ever popular Back Orifice. BOFTP is a device which will run an FTP server in the background and hidden from plain view. It is simple to set up and is already configured for ADMIN access upon all drives (A-Z). The simple uploading of one file and 2 commands will have your BOed person running an FTP in under 6 minutes on a 28.8 modem!-Propper Usage- BOFTP can be setup and running in under 6 minutes if you follow these 5 easy to use steps: 1. Start an HTTP server 2. Upload DLL.EXE directly to the C: (any other place and this will not work) 3. While it is uploading start an "APP ADD" with COMMAND.COM on a port of your desire. 3. On completion of the upload simply type DLL at the C:> prompt. 4. When that is finished UnPacking the files, type 1 at the C:> prompt. 5. Login to the BOed persons IP using the login BO and pass 0wn3d on port 1492.-How and why this works- This works because the FTP server is really SERVU and this can be made to run hidden from view. After you are finished running 1.bat, there is NO trace that you were there and no files that look weird are anywhere the user goes often or at all.-Features- Completely stealth and hidden from view. Enteres quietly into the registry to load on every startup of windows. (Excelent for PERM IPs)-Bugs- Won't work if not on C: Won't work if another version is on it Won't work if the windows path is not C:windows