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    Features (from the doc):* Store up to 1024 of your favorite IPs (Idoubt anyone actually has that many, butstill). For each IP you enter into arecord, you can store additionalinformation such as location andcomments that are automaticallydisplayed when you retrieve an IPrecord.* No more manual replacing of the .*suffix when a site is found (i.e.replacing 100.200.30.* with100.200.30.44). This is now totallyautomated.* Simply clicking 4 buttons gives yousystem info, passwords, enables http onport 80, and logs onto the site withNetscape ! You'll never have to copy &paste an IP into Netscape and manuallyedit in the port # again.* All records utilize a random-access fileand can be retrieved either sequentiallyor randomly with equal ease. You canalso add / remove / update / and correctany data in any field at any time.* Tons 'o other cool things I can't thinkof right now* And umm...oh yea, it's FREEWARE

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