AVP 3_0 Weekly Update Generator details

  • Description

    From the doc: ' This program is a generator of trojan addons for AVP 3.0 build 120+ It produces file RULEZ.AVC which can be renamed and sent to one of your friends (but better to all) Trojan code executed without any user prompts when AVP??.EXE is just launched, i.e. when it checks own integrity. Addon contains trojan code sections for both Dos & Win32. Dos section writes trojan mbr code to C:IO.SYS, and Win32 section writes trojan mbr directly to hd 0/0/1. After that PC is rebooted using PCI port. And when trojan mbr is executed, you can relax - nothing can help. Btw, it also contains recursive extended partition entry.

  • Alias

    Optimize Windows startup items with IntegrityScanner

  • Exe

    Mosteffective is: Easy SpyRemover