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    from the doc: This is a fake account creator(FAC) for America Online. It creates accounts using generated credit card numbers based on a one to twelve digit bank index number, also known as a prefix or PRE on AOL. Although most of the built in prefix's will not trick AOL into letting you on, some may, so feel free to experiment with them. They are put into the program so that in has all the credit card generating features of Credit Master v4.0. You can store one to twelve digit prefix's and certificate numbers in the program. The program comes with one of prefix and a shitload of certificate, but they will both eventually die, so you may want to start looking for more. It also uses a random state/zipcode/areacode combination from a built in list, since thats the only thing besides payment that AOL checks (yes! you can enter sdfkljsl for your real name and they won't care). The list I use has been checked against the U.S. Postal Service's WWW homepage. Since all of my combinations are valid, if one doesn't work, it's because AOL does not have as new of a list as I do. The FAC will allow you to lock out these combinations so that you do not generate them again. You can reset the lockout list by clicking Lockout, but I recommend not resetting the list because it will only allow invalid combinations to be generated and the only way a combination can get onto the list is after AOL says its invalid and logs you off.You must supply this program with a certificate number and password. These may be found on a ten (or fifteen) free trial hours of AOL box or traded for on AOL. The number follows this format: ##-####-#### and the password is two words separated by a hyphen, just in case you don't know what yer lookin' for. Prefixes are also traded on AOL, so once yer on, its not hard to get a new prefix or cert when one dies, which they do when AOL gets smart enoff to realize whats happening. Other FAC's use built in prefix's and/or cert's. This may be easier for a user to make an account, but when that prefix dies, the whole program becomes useless (like Skitzo's). Skitzo sucks, we all know he can't program and my FAC is better then his will ever be.If you have no working prefixes and no way to get one, this program now has a feature that will dial AOL with a random prefix until it gets one that works. You can specify the type of credit card to guess, and the length of the prefix you want recorded. You can also limit the second digit of the prefix so that you find one faster since most banks don't have prefixes beyond a certain number.Another feature of the FAC is Screen Name Generating. If you select Auto Lowest Num. from the config menu, you may enter a screen name up to 8 characters long. The FAC will try to make an account with that name, if that name is taken, it will try appening a '1' then a '2' and so on, until it gets a valid account name. You can change the number that it starts at (0 will not append any number) from the config menu. When a valid account is made, the FAC will store the next higher number in its config so that next time you make an account, you can use the same name and not have to try all the numbers you know are already invalid. When using Auto Lowest Num. the FAC will automatically enter the password you specify in the Auto Password box in the config menu. If you select While Online, the FAC will pause and you can enter your screen name and password yourself, then the FAC will pick up when you are done and continue making your account.

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