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    from the doc: 'Polymorphic Web Downloader Generator 1.0 by AphexThis will generate a web downloader using random data and a variable size that you can edit. There are trillions of possible servers."polymorphic, polymorphous -- (having or occurring in several distinct forms; "man is both polymorpphic and polytypic"; "a polymorphous god")"Aphex2.0: EES Polymorphic Downloader by Aphex of EESA downloader that is impossible to detect?Yes and no. Anti-virus scanners detect trojans and other malware by comparing the characteristics of the file to other known threats. CRC checks, import tables, static strings and encryption algorithms are among the most popular methods of detection. A web downloader has but a single purpose and that is to download a file from a url and execute it. There are a limited number ways to encrypt the exact same procedures but if other operations are added to the procedures it will result in a uniqely different file and the effectiveness of encryption is increased exponentially, raising the difficulty of detection using these methods out of the scope of current Anti-virus technology.IN OTHER WORDS: generated downloader + exe encrypter = UNDETECTABLEI recommend tElock 0.98, it is simple to use and very powerful. http://linux20368.dn.net/protools/files/packers/telock.zipAphex3.0: Polymorphic Webdownloader Generator 3.0 by AphexThis will randomize source code for a simple web downloader and assemble it. The output file is unique and resistant to standard offset and string scanning antiviral tactics. The only thing an antivirus can detect is the URLDownloadToFileA function call and this is easily covered up using the included exe packer or another packer of your choosing.To use, enter the url for a file, the desired output filename and then the size multiplier which will add garbage data into the file.Aphex

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