Aphexs FireWall Bypassing FTP Server with Screen Capture 1_0 details

  • Description

    From the doc: 'S134z3 released the first trojan that could bypass firewalls. I have used it on some really juicy targets but I was frustrated because I couldn't download files or get a screen capture without disabling their firewall and installing another normal trojan. That defeats the purpose of having a firewall bypassing trojan so I decided to make this. It uses the exact same technology as OLFWBSE.'

  • Alias

    Backdoor Program [Panda]Backdoor.FTP.AphexSpy.10 [Kaspersky]BackDoor-AHZ [McAfee]security risk or a "backdoor" program [F-Prot]Win32.AphTP.10 [Computer Associates]Win32/AphTP.10.Trojan [Computer Associates]Win32/FTP.AphexSpy.10 trojan [Eset]