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    from the doc: 'Okay. I know what you're thinking. "Great, another crappy AOHell clone!" Well, you're right. But before you decide to just delete this program, read this. Okay, first of all, I mainly made this for ease of use. All those other programs take forever to start up, with those sounds, pictures, and "Did You Know..." things. Those get annoying, so this program is small and starts up really fast. Second, I need to explain how each thing works because I made a few things differently. 1. Leave all the windows where they start. I customized them so that they fit around each other and around the AOL chat rooms. Now, I used 800x600 to do this, so if you're on anything else, it might be different. 2. The Macro Killer scrolls 4 times every time you press the button. That should be enough to kill small macros. You might have to press it twice to kill larger ones. 3. I came up with a new way to Bust In. I personally like it better. I don't know if it's just me, but we'll see. *** THIS PART IS REALLY IMPORTANT *** When you press "Bust In" another window will come up. This one has two buttons, Public and Member/Private. Now, what this means is the kind of room that you want to go into. Basically, Public button=AOL made rooms, Member/Private button=Any other rooms. Now, here's how the bust in works: You must have either the "Create Room" window open or the "Private Room" window open. By this I mean the window where you type in the room name. If you are going into a Public or Member room, have the "Create Room" window open. If you are going into a private room, have the "Private Room" window open. The bust in will attempt to go into the room 5 times. Then you have the option to either press "Bust In" again, or just continue on your way. I did this for 2 reasons, 1. Because I have found that I usually get into the rooms within 5 tries. 2. I didn't know how to make the Bust In stop when it got into the room. :) 4. The Free Chat button works great. Usually it works on the 2nd try. You have to press the People Connection button, and then the Free Chat button really fast. I made it extra large for easy quick pressing.'

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