Anal Rape 1_0a details

  • Description

    The IRC commands´re as folllows: Command:Function: !login Logs in !logout Logs out !panic Removes server !irc_halt Turns IRC Bot off (server is still running) !about Im not sure, try it out :P !info Sends info of server !covertracks deletes NETSTAT & a few others (i´dnt try, unless on vic) !windir Sends windows directory !sysdir Sends system directory !tmpdir Sends temporary directory !say Sends to channel !infect_kazaa Infects kazaa (for real) *WORKS* no need to test it !leave_mark Changes internet explorers registered owner to the imafraid url !help Find out for yourself :P !nick changes nick to

  • Alias

    Backdoor Program - named by Panda.Backdoor.Arape.a - named by a.Backdoor.Arape.a - named by Kaspersky.BackDoor-AXH - named by a.Win32.Realpan.10 - named by Computer Associates.Win32/Arape.A trojan - named by Eset.Win32/Realpan.10.Trojan - named by Compute

  • Exe