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    Short: View&Contr. PC or Amiga Scr. on PC w.TCPHow to use:Amiga->PC:PC:Start "Anywhere.exe" on PC. Execute menucommand "Anywhere/Listen for a connection".Amiga:Start "Anywhere ". (Replace with the Hostname or IP-Adress from the PC.) Be sure, that the PC-Hostname is listet in the "Hosts" list. Now you should see the Amiga screen on the PC. You can control the mouse and keyboard over the network.PC1->PC2:PC1:Start "Anywhere.exe" on PC1. Execute menucommand "Anywhere/Listen for a connection".PC2:Start "Anywhere.exe" on PC1. Execute menucommand "Anywhere/Connect to a Server", and type the Hostname of PC1."Anywhere" PC-Version:----------------------Features:Runs on >W95 or >NT 4.0.Send screen in 8/16/24 Bit.8 Bit mode is compressed with special delta/runlength/huffmann encoding.Recive screens with 8/16/24 Bit in all resolutions. (Display on remote-pc can be different!)Missing:None so far.....Bugs:Sometimes you have to activate the servermode manually. (Menu Settings/Servermode)Commandline:-server Start as Server. Iconified and waiting for a connection.-comp Enable RL/Huffmann compression.-moves Send mousemoves.-force8 Force to send in 8 Bit mode.-? HelpNew since V0.95:-client If a connect comes, go to client and set the remote computer to servermode.-connect PC_Name Connect automaticly with the given computername.History:V0.91:Changing refreshtime while connected didnt work.Shutdown while connected causes errors.V0.92:You can now select the socketbuffer size. This is useful for slow connections like Modems.(8192 Bytes is a good value for modem, and all above is for direct network connections)V0.95:Remember the Settings in .ini file.More Performance with slow connections (Modem/Serial) ->Restart screensending, when screen sendtime longer as refreshtime->More accurate screenupdate.Homepagepath in About requester.Commandline -client and -connect added.V0.96:Send and recive now mouseclicks and keyboard commands while sending a screen. This gives more performance with slow connections.V0.97:16/24 Bit with compressing didnt work. Amiga with wrong screenmodes crashed the PC-Client."Anywhere" Amiga-Version:-------------------------Features:Runs only with Cybergraphics and on 8 Bit Cybergraphics screens with all Resolutions.Runs with special delta/runlength/huffmann encoding.Missing:GUI.Commandline: Hostname/A,SERVER/SExample 1:AnyWhere PCP_TRZILB ServerSend amiga screen to PCP_TrzilB PC.Example 2:AnyWhere PCP_TRZILBRecieve PC screen on Amiga. (PC has to be in a 8 Bit mode or the "Force 8Bit" option has to be enabled!Huffmann options can be set with PC program.You can also "Goto Server mode" or "Goto Client mode" with the PC program. So you can change the Server/Client mode any time you want!V0.8:Initial release.V0.98:You can recive screens now!SERVER option in commandline.TRZIL

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