Amecisco Invisible KeyLogger Stealth 1_2 details

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    From the doc: 'keeps a record of every keystroke entered from the keyboard. If you have to leave your computer unattended and want to make sure that no one tampers with it, installing IKS will be the perfect solution. You can also use IKS to monitor your children's PC use and to provide a backup copies of everything that you type. The heart of IKS is a high-performance virtual device driver which runs silently at the lowest level of Windows 95/98 operating system. The running program will not show up in Ctrl-Alt-Delete Close Program dialog box or anywhere else. So you will never find it's there except for the growing binary keystroke log file with your input of keystrokes. All keystrokes are recorded, including the famous alt-ctrl-del and keystrokes in a DOS box or whatever.'

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