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    ALVGUS'S TROJAN DOCUMENTATION(Version 8.0)Alvgus® 2000------------------------------------------------------------------DISCLAIMER:ALVGUS'S TROJAN WAS WRITTEN FOR ALVGUS'S PERSONAL EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY------------------------------------------------------------------INSTALLATION:1) Perform on both your and remote computers: Copy file Mswinsck.ocx to ..WINDOWSSYSTEM directory Install VBRUN60.EXE2) Then:Run ATServer.exe on remote or your computerLook provider's IP range in Prov_IP.txtRun ATFinder on your computerUse ATFinder to determine remote system's IPRun ATClient.exe on your computerUse ATClient to administrate remote system or use IP: to administrate your computer------------------------------------------------------------------CHANGES FROM PREVIOUS VERSIONS:- From version 7.0:- Added functions:- Transfer from- Change directorynote: Both server and client became bigger in size because of added functions :(- From version 6.0:- New version of ATFinder included:- It is faster- It needs less system resources to run- It is smaller in size- Error report bug in server was fixed- Another bug in cancel transfer function was fixed- Reply to custom command feature improved- Error report features improved- Both client and server are now faster a bit- Server is now smaller in sizenote: Transfer from function is not availible yet :(- From version 5.0:- Brand new utility ATPass added- Code of both client and server was a bit optimized- Few bugs in cancel transfer function were fixednote: Transfer from function is not availible yet :(- From version 4.0:- Smaller size of server and client- Added functions:- Transfer tonote: Transfer from function is not availible yet :(

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