Alm35e-k details

  • Description

    from the code: "[ If you arent in this NFO, and think you should be, contact us. ] [ Phrozen Crew Is Looking For Good Crackers, Also Looking For ] [ Crackers Who Specialize In Cracking Visual Basic Programs. ] [ Contact Us For Trial Membership! We are not looking for ] [ couriers so please dont ask. ] [ pHRoZeN in 1997 pHRoZeN for LiFE ] pERSONAL [ We have been taking abuse from a varity of groups lately, ] cOMMENT: [ which is really uncalled for, we will continue to not take a ] [ stand in group grudges, wars, personal attacks, or what not. ] [ You know who you are, but we have takin all that we can take ] [ so be on the look out for a rebuttle in AFT/Relativity ] We ALWAYS get what we want! "

  • Alias

    Almanac 3.5e