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    from the doc: Key Logger 1.1 Created by Aku FreewareKey Logger v1.1 logs keystrokes and mouse clicks in Windows. Every time a key is pressed, it will write to a file in binary format. Not only the character key, but also the non-character key, such as F1 to F12, Shift Alt Ctrl Windows, ...Lock, Numpad, and all key. The binary file can be opened with kldec.exe. The key logger must be run every time Windows starts so the installation program is provided. The program will not be seen in the task list.New in version 1.1 - Records mouse click (left and right) Mouse click character: #=left click, !=right click - Fixed bug: letter NInstallation: Run kl.exe to start logging keys. Or install.exe automatically starts kl.exe every time Windows starts.Operating system: Windows 4 (95, 98) not in Windows NT, not tested in Windows 2000 Needs: Visual Basic 5 Runtime included in Windows 98 (95???) in Win98_35.cabOpen the binary file WindowsDirectorykl with kldec.exe and read WindowsDirectorykldec file then exit kldec.exe to delete kldec (usually C:WINDOWS) this file has no extension

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