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    from the doc: 'How do use Ajan : First you must configure it that for send email to you.If you don't Ajan will never mailed you :)..for configuration run AjanConf.exe.Use this format : AjanConf.exe ajanServ.exeProgram will ask you :your email adres ,mail server for sending mails (any valid mail server possible this step)mail server port (mail servers actually use 25. port)visible or hide running : you can choice visible or not visible run Ajan..(recomended)after this steps configuration of Ajan completed.you can distribute Ajan server this step but we recommended first you bind a windows program (mirc , winzip , crack patches , etc.) and after distribute.for insert Ajan into a normal program you can use AjanBind program..you need 3 thinks.1.ajanbase.exe (base file)2.ajan.exe (ajan server)3.normal program (mirc , winzip ..)and you can enter this programs while AjanBind ask. After bind your Ajanbase.exe file convert to normal program that include Ajan program. And Ajan automatically runs when Ajanbase.exe run.

  • Alias

    destructive program [F-Prot]PSW.Ajan trojan [Eset]PWS [McAfee]security risk or a "backdoor" program [F-Prot]Trj/PSW.Ajan.1.1 [Panda]Trojan.PSW.Ajan.10Trojan.PSW.Ajan.10 [Kaspersky]Trojan.PSW.Ajan.11Trojan.PSW.Ajan.11 [Kaspersky]Win32/Ajan!PWS!Tr

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