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    1) What do I send to my victim? A) After you done editing your server, press SAVE button, it will create MIDIsynth.exe That is the file you are going to send.2) Why do I have to include my screenname ? A) Because Aim Rat will not respond to commands sent from other screennames. To make this short , other users wont have access to your RAT.3) Rat's AIM username and password ? A) Create a new AIM account for your Rat. Rat is just an AIM bot that hides itself from the user. 4) How to use these passwords ? A) Easy, just open SN2REG.exe application that comes with the RAT. Where it says Screenname you put their screenname Where it says Encrypted Password you put the password you recieved. You might get a pop up saying if you want to add this information..ect just press YES. Then simply open your AIM and login =)

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