AimFrame details

  • Description

    From the doc: 'AimFrame is a piece of software designed to act as a third party in the connection of Aol Instant Messenger (AIM) and the AIM server. I basicly runs a server on the local computer that it is run on and changes the settings in aim to connect to that server. When AIM sends the request to connect to the sever, it goes that that program. Then, AimFrame will redirect the request to the aim server. By doing this, all data sent from the server to the client goes through AimFrame, and all data sent from the client to the server goes through AimFrame. There have been other programs such as 'AimFilter' which uses this same concept. But never has this concept been incorporated remotely. Now you can discretely connect to a computer running AimFrame, and send commands to both the AIM client, and the AIM server.'

  • Alias

    AIM-Watch [McAfee]Backdoor Program [Panda]Backdoor.AIMFrameBackdoor.AIMFrame [Kaspersky]Bck/Generic [Panda]security risk or a "backdoor" program [F-Prot]Win32.AimWatch.20 [Computer Associates]Win32/AIMFrame.A trojan [Eset]Win32/AimFrame.IP_Steal

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