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    What do i do with this?: Dont run it unless you wanna fuck up your computer. You email it (or whatever) to someone & have them run it. You can rename it. What it does: It sets itself up so that its hard to get rid of (like a virus). It looks for commands in the chat window, & when found, executes those commands.´AIMaster -client What it´s: It sends commands to the remote AIMaster server via AIM chat. None of the commands´re launched on your computer. How to use it: Send the server to someone who uses AIM & have them run it. Invite them to chat, if they are not there already. Then, run the client & f*ck ´em up. Who made this amazing software?: Me (icarus). As far as I know, it´s the 1st of its kind. My AIM SN is HomeyPot Hack. Is this illegal?: Probably "The revolution has begun..." -icarus AIMaster3.0-Lots faster. Commands sent via IMs. NOT detected by Antivirus software. Allows execution of the RATO VBS worm (Also not detected by antivirus) Enhanced virus routines. More commands. Doesnt send underscores. No known bugs.

  • Alias

    Backdoor Program - named by Panda.Backdoor.Aimaster - named by a.Backdoor.Aimaster - named by Kaspersky.Backdoor.Almaster - named by Kaspersky.Backdoor/Aimaster - named by Computer Associates.Backdoor/AIMaster.Server - named by Computer Associates.BackDoo

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