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  • Description

    This application is very easy to use & has several ways to recover the inputed password, plus it looks & acts exactly like the real McCoy! 1. If you wanna recover the password by means of ICQ Pager, you must 1st execute the application ´decrypter´ included in this package. Set a new ICQ number where it tells you to. Note: This only works if it´s used on the same computer it´s define on since it puts the ICQ number in the registry. Password ´fakeaim´ 2. It automatically puts the username & pass *encrypted* into the registry, just waiting for retrival later. It only monitors the last put in password. 3. If you havnt already noticed, it looks pretty much exactly like the real thing, with all the mouse over Subs, plus, once someone tryes to login it shell executes the actual AIM application, & if it cant be found, it gives a connection error. 4. type in the name space ´tell me about´ & in the password feild ´fake aim´ to learn the vertion & info about it. Im board, so here´s a list of functions Registry editing Encryption Advanced PW Recovery ICQ Notification System Tray Icon sys tray Menus - exatly like AIM Shell execution of real AIM mouse over affects convincing icons

  • Alias

    Real McCoy AIM Password Stealer.Trj/AOLPS.Egrof - named by Panda.Trojan Horse - named by Panda.Trojan.PSW.AIM.VB.a - named by Kaspersky.Win32/AIM.VB.a!PWS!Trojan - named by Computer Associates.Win32/AOLPS.Egrof!Trojan - named by Computer Associates.Win32/

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