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    from the doc: 'AimSpy will look in victims registry for all stored aim screen names and there encrypted password value and saves them to a text file on the same directory as it's self. It is best to make two shortcuts to the exe file with the following commandline's -f for find and -a for opening the add form. just use the adder to either add the screen name to your registry or decrypt the pass yourself, only 3.5 to 4.7 passwords only though. Now the next time you open aim the screen names that were stolen will appear on your sign on window and under password it will say saved, so now you can sign on their screen name without actually knowing there password. Note: if the person changes there password, since you added their password you will no longer be able to sign on there screen name. The spying feature works with aim 3.5 to 5.x and the decrypting function works with 3.5 encrypted passwords to 4.7 encrypted passwords. Also the decryption function may NOT be FLAWLESS.'Copy the 'windows.exe' file to the startup menu in the 'start menu' in windows95,98 or NT. This will run the app everytime windows is started...and stay running until windows shutdown.copy the 'client.exe' file to folder/directory of your choice. This is the client to access the AIMspy-server to spy on. Double Click 'client.exe' to run the client. Type in IP address that the server.exe was installed, click connect, and spy away!you can open multiple clients to spy on more then 1 person(AIMspyservers)****************************NOTICE*********************You must install the support package on both the client and the server!!PB

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