AIM PWS details

  • Description

    From the code: '1. Send the lamer who stole one of your names the server. or the dontrun. . 2. While your doing a file transfer with them on AIM, open the IP Sniffer to catch their IP ( 'll need their IP address to connect with them) 3. Once they have run the dontrun. type their IP address that you sniffed into the the box then press the connect button. 4. You'll see on the pws screen that it will say connecting when its trying to connect. Once it connects the IP box will turn gray and it will say connected above it. 5. Then simply type the screenname you'd like into the box, and press the Get Password button. And the password of that screenname will magically appear into the password box. Neat huh? 6. You don't want to get into trouble for doing what you just did right? Simply press the Remove button then press the Reboot button and restart the persons computer. This will clear any traces of what you've done to that person. 7. You have successfully gotten your stolen screenname back. Now doesn't it feel nice to get a little revenge back on those lamers that took advantage of you?'

  • Alias

    Aol Instant Messanger PwsTrojan.PSW.Aim.ZippedPws

  • Exe

    aimpws.execlik for funny.exe