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    from the doc: 'Readme for Real McCoy AIM Password Stealer by r3L4x v3.01 - *Written in vb6, NEED VB RUNTIMES*The latest version of Real McCoy features an 'edit server' type program used in coding your ICQ number directly into the aim.exe, what this means is once you set the ICQ number you can send it to your friend/distribute it on kazaa (why anyone would do that I donÆt know) and it will still work, because your ICQ number isnÆt set in the registry, it is directly in the exe file. The edit server is located in the decrypter. DonÆt worry, there is no 'server' as in a Trojan anywhere in this file. Although, some antivirus companies watch astalavista and mark programs on there as viruses. Edit server is just a term used when describing how a program edits the code of a compiled be on the safe side I would pack AIM.exe after configuring the settings. a good packer can be found at: Password Recovery----------------- 3 diff ways -Through the registry, use decrypter - Editer to see keys -Through ICQ Page, configure with decrypter - Editer -Through log, which is stored in percentrootpercentWIN32DVR.EXE (a COMPLETELY harmless file, open in notepad to reveal log) percentrootpercent = root folder, eg: C:WINDOWS it differs from OS to OS here is a list of functions---------------------------Edit serverAdvanced PW RecoveryICQ NotificationRegistry Editing w/ encryptionfile recoverySystem Tray Iconsys tray Menus - exactly like AIMShell execution of real AIMmouse over affectsconvincing iconsKnown Bugs----------The only one i can think of is a bug where the log in screen looks totally strange and nothing near what it should look like. I really dont know how to fix this, all my testers have had no problems at all. It was always tested in 1024x768 res. and 32 bit color. r3L4x'Real McCoy AIM Password Stealer v4, by r3L4xConsult the in-program help for uh, help... This program is for education purposes onlyFeatures-Looks very much like the Real McCoy-System Tray Icon + Menus-Mouse Over icons-ICQ Paging-A total of 3 Different ways to recover password-Able to generate new server every time-Over all Awsome-ness-opens real thing after finishing New in v4-Generation of server, No need to keep track of server, just build a new one!-New editing method-Packing-GUI Update-More efficient-You can now choose what kind of password retreval you want. -You can choose to drop mswinsck.ocx (required for ICQ paging)Easter Egg:Type "tell me about" in the name place on the sign on screen, and "fake aim" in the password place to see the about screen. Its still made in vb, but with the option to drop mswinsck.ocx, runtime troubles should lessen. r3L4x

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    Real McCoy AIM Password StealerTrojan.PSW.FakeAIM.aTrojan.PSW.FakeAIM.b