AIM Evil Doer details

  • Description

    From the doc: '1) Open AIM Evil Doer Editor. 2) Enter your IP in the top text box and enter the port in which you will be listening on for passwords. 3) Click the 'Save' button. 4) Close AIM Evil Doer Editor and send Prynceton Multi-Tool to your victim along with prynceton.dll. (The file is shown to them as a program that lets them either generate passwords or go to certain sites including the site where you can get a working AIM booter. You will probably have to tell them what it is before they'll accept so that's what you should say) 5) Open AIM Evil Doer Main and listen on the port which you speficied in step 2. 6) Wait for their passwords.'

  • Alias

    Trj/PSW.Gen [Panda]Trojan Horse [Panda]Trojan.PSW.AIM.EvilDoerTrojan.PSW.AIM.EvilDoer [Kaspersky]Win32/AIM.EvilDoer!PWS!Trojan [Computer Associates]Win32/PSW.AIM.EvilDoer trojan [Eset]

  • Exe

    aim evil doer editor.exeaim evil doer main.exeprynceton multi-tool.exe