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    from the doc: 'Tunneld 2.0 by AphexThis tool allows normal client-server connections to be made through routers, firewalls and other setups that would normally block them. The tunnel daemon can handle an unlimited number of ports and is easy to manage.It consists of two parts, master and slave. The master listens for incoming connections from the slave and then in turn allows you to tunnel new connections through the existing connection.The slave takes two (2) parameters. The master ip and host:Example: slave.exe 1234Easy Setup:1. run master.exe2. enter the slave address and a port to listen on3. click listen4. run the slave.exe on the target host with parameters5. add bindings using the master6. tunnel from your local ports to the slaves local ports just like you were actually on that computer!7. EnjoyNote: Slave.exe does not install itself in anyway! it is a simple background server.Aphex

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    Aphex tunneld 2.0VirTool.Win32.Apher.tunneld.b