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  • Description

    From the doc: 'What's New: Ported to VB5 and compiled to NATIVE CODE. Now at least 20percent faster than ãnima v1.7! -> Used a different custom control for TCP! No more shareware messages! And a hell of a lot faster! -> Customizable relays. -> External Module (EM) functionality. See EXTERNAL.TXT for details. -> Compatible with Avalanche format 1 saved sessions. -> Send messages from a file on every Xth mail. For example, you can set it to send message1.txt on every 10th mail. -> Now you can use different filenames for the lists. -> Logging to a file, which will log stats such as when bombing started, stopped, mails sent, average MPM, and descriptions of any errors that occured. -> A 'Header' tab which contains many pre-made custom headers to apply to the custom headers. -> Mails Sent and MPM (Mails per Minute) can be stopped from displaying by clicking them in order to speed up ãnima. -> Tool tips to refresh your memory on what to enter into the fields. -> Clear menu item to clear all fields'.

  • Alias

    Flooder.MailSpam.Aenima.15 [Kaspersky]

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