Advanced Office 2000 Password Recovery details

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    from the doc: 'Advanced Office 2000 Password Recovery (or simply AO2000PR) is a program to recover lost or forgotten passwords for the documents/files created in the following applications:- Microsoft Word- password to open- password to modify- document protection password- VBA project password- Microsoft Excel- password to open- password to modify- workbook password- shared workbook password- sheet passwords- VBA project password- unlocking protected plug-ins (XLA)- Microsoft Access- password to open- user-level passwords- database owner and security ID- Microsoft PowerPoint- VBA project password- Microsoft Visio- VBA project password- Microsoft Project- password to open- password to modify- VBA project password- Microsoft Outlook- password to open (PST file)- passwords to email accounts- Microsoft Money- Microsoft Backup (Windows 95/98)- Microsoft Schedule+- Microsoft Mail- Microsoft Internet Explorer 3/4/5 (Content Advisor)AO2000PR also includes the VBA backdoor feature (works for all MS Office 97, Office 2000 and Office XP applications, as well as other programs which have VBA projects)The program is compatible with all international (non-English) versions of MS Office. Most passwords are being recovered (or removed) instantly. However, password to open in Office 97/2000 is encrypted with a very strong algorithm and requires time-consuming brute-force or dictionary attacks to be performed; the success/recovery rate is about 80-85percent, but if the password is long (8+ characters) and complex, it cannot be recovered at all (in a reasonable time). MS Office XP files are also supported, but password to open can be recovered only if compatible (with Office 95 or Office 97/2000) encryption has been used; for files protected using CSP (Cryptographic Service Provider) all passwords but password to open are supported.'

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