AdClicker 1_0 details

  • Description

    AdClicker 1.0 is related to Adware. Adware is related to internet and free software. Internet associated adware usually shows advertisements using internet explorer application. If you have installed free software on your system, adware could possibly be installed as well. For example let’s take ICQ application which is internet related chat program. If you downloaded it from internet and did not register you will se banner ad on the bottom of the icq window below contact list, or the banner ad on the top of the window. After you register with icq – the ads will be gone. In conclusion, adware can come to your machine not only thru internet, but free software too.

  • Exe

    cpb.exe[Windows dir]hro.exe[Windows dir]system32fqc.exe[Windows dir]system32ink.exe[Windows dir]system32viu.exewinbas12.exe